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Here are links for a lot of neat websites and projects I've found over the years. Hopefully most will stick around and linkrot won't get them.

Games and interactive media - Very good online Tetris clone.

Powder Game - I played with this all the time in middle school, fun little physics sandbox.

Powder Toy - Updated stand alone game similar to powder game with a lot more materials and space.

Depression Quest - A hard hitting game that affected the way I understand my depression quite a lot.

Adventures with Anxiety! - A short game all about understanding anxiety.

Space Cadet Pinball - Play Windows XP Space Cadet Pinball in browser.


Mystery Flesh Pit National Park - Trevor Robert's project showcasing Mystery Flesh Pit National Park.

gifCities - Find geocities gifs.


WeatherStar 4000+ Emulator - An emulator for the WeatherStar 4000+ hardware used to generate the picture seen on the Weather Channel during the 1990s and early 00s.

intelliSTAR Emulator - Another emulator for the Weather Channel, this time for the more modern intelliSTAR series. This one wasn't fully functional last time I checked. - Real time lightning tracking.

Short Stories

- What football will look like in the future - 17776 by Jon Bois - One of my favorite short story/online fiction experiences, it's only a little bit about football, and I highly encourage you to read! :3

- They're Made out of Meat by Terry Bisson - A great short story about uh, ya know it's short just read :D

Music and visualizers

Soundscape - Neat little music generator and visualizer.

Circle of Fifths - Information about using the circle of fifths.


Every Noise at Once - Huge list of music genres from spotify, great for finding new music. - A journey across space time speeding away from Earth listening to the "radio signals" that would be at that location in space currently.

Programming/Game Development

LearnOpenGL - Information for getting started with OpenGL.

Radio - Satellite decoding and other tools/info.

webSDR - List of available SDRs that you can listen to in browser.

ETGD's SDR - webSDR from the University of Twente in the Netherlands. - Listen to internet radio stations by finding them on the globe.

Other Stuff/Unorganized

HeyWhatsThat - Tool for identifying geographic features.

EarthCam - Live Webcam network. - Microwave Radio and Cable Networks for the Bell System.

JustTheRecipe - Cuts ads and popups out of recipes.

hackertyper - Hacking time.

Conserve the Sound - Archive of the way that old mechanical devices sound.

wheel - Creates a color wheel.

WordWebs - Brainstorming tool.

ImportYeti - Allows you to find the suppliers for corporations.

CarSized - Tool to compare sizes of various cars.