Hiii welcome to the personal website of Ember, your favorite cyberspace transgender robot girl. Please use they/she for me! My site has gone through a lot of iterations over the past year years, however it's remained a location for me to share whatever I might be currently interested in or working on. It's a bit hard to predict what all that might entail given I seem to have a new personality every few months.

I'm currently in a bit of a slump post burnout and dealing with a lot of very difficult struggles, both external and internal, so I haven't been making much or doing much in the way of changes or updates, but I would like to try and update the site more and maybe work on some new stuff. Given that I'm now a NEET I've been spending a lot of time playing Final Fantasy XIV, which there might be some works related to that coming up soon.

Some other things about me, I've been obsessed with computers and technology since I was very young, and old technology and electronics is something I know quite a bit about and still have a huge interest in. I'm also hugely fascinated with trains and train service, specifically ones located in many parts of Europe and Japan. I also have a huge interest in queer history and art, and much older websites from transgender women from many years ago were much of the inspiration for making this website.

This is a place outside the system. This is a place of quiet, of reflection. A place of cloudy November days, of tea, of the sound of leaves.

Or perhaps it's the sound of a distant train. Or the feeling just before snowfall. Or the buzzing of a forgotten florescent lamp.

Sometimes, it's fire. It's the sound of crushing gravel and broken glass. It's rust and pain.

Perhaps it's whatever it means to you.

Maybe, it's just a website. Questionable HTML and CSS displaying something that might look nice, and if it doesn't please go open it on a computer instead of your phone.

Maybe, just maybe. It's all a dream.

I wonder if you'll remember it when you wake?

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