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I did a lot of regular art stuff when I was younger, but I shut it out of my life when I decided to do engineering going into university. I've now revisited it (and flunked engineering), so here's my latest work from digital art related things. I mostly use Procreate on the iPad, however sometimes I use other tools as assists. Some work has further info if you hover on it. I might have better pages for info but this is what I'm doing now. I've combined the other pages here to create just one page as a portfolio. The mediums here are typically digital collage, digital art, pixel art, 3D rendering, paper and graphite or ink, or occasionally other stuff.
NOTE: I'm working on more work now that's NSFW, so keep that in mind


My series of iPhone wallpapers designed in the style of Star Trek The Next Generation's LCARS (maybe not the permanent home for these)


2021 and Earlier