The Year is 2022

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The year is 2022. I wake up and it’s raining outside. It’s hot. I roll over and dig around in the bed for my PCS, I find the power cable. Shit. The thing’s dead, got unplugged in the night. I stick the cable in and hold it the right way so that it works. The megacorp that makes these things could have fixed that issue, but then they just stopped selling them with the cable instead. I stare at the ceiling and try not to think about anything, it’s not working. I can hear a truck slamming a dumpster down outside and then the ear-splitting noise of the auto-truck accelerating away to go pour all the contents into a big pile for some future person to deal with. My PCS wakes up, I stare at the bright rectangle, the imager is broken, so there's cracks and shafts of light in the way. It’d be beautiful if I wasn't trying to see what time it was. I fumble around with it until it scans my retina and lets me in. It’s 11. Guess it’s one of those days today.

I could get up and do something, but my uncomfortable bed is way more pleasant than the world outside. Besides, I’d just go sit in the chair a meter away. What’s the point? Time to check the network. Click. Scroll, scroll, scroll. Click. It’s the news, some people tried to fight against a megacorp. It failed of course. They wanted some time off to go use the bathroom during their shift. No chance. Not like the megacorps need that many people anyway, but the ones they do need they can just keep almost alive, and if they cause problems, just silence them or find new people. What a world.

Time to see if I got that position to run computer systems I applied for. Click, scroll. Nope. Oh well, another day of eating styrofoam noodles and flavor pouches. Another day of hoping not too much shit hits the fan so that I don’t run out of money instantly. Fun. I find a cooler spot on the bed. I’m hungry, not starving, just hungry. I could go get some only slightly carcinogenic food somewhere, but then I remember that my ground-car is almost broken. Hope it holds on a little longer. If that poor thing really goes I’m in bad shape. No one walks much anymore, not unless you want a quick death from a rich idiot in a 4 ton ground-car driving itself around, or a slow death from lung cancer in a few years. And forget transit, I don’t think the old system even comes out here anymore, miles and miles from the actual city.

Well I’ve still got the whole world in my hand so I’ll go wander around that some more. Click. Hmm, wow look at all this stuff I can’t buy. Not that I wanted it anyway. Guess someone wants it, maybe. Maybe not. There are entire factories that pump out shit that no one wants. I wonder what the point of that is. Scroll. Looks like there’s a new spaceship now, probably pretty neat that humanity can do the space thing now, shame any regular people won’t ever see it. So it goes. Click. Looks like they made a law where you can’t decide what medical treatment you’re allowed to get now, not like many people can afford it anyways. Still dumb. Click. That’s a really cute cat. I want a cat. Click. Boring. Click. Don’t Care. Click. Wow, that looks tasty. Click. Chuckle. Click. Click. Click. Click. Throw the thing. Punch the bed.

This sucks.

Guess I should get up.