13.02.23 A Lost Future

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I’ve been watching Star Trek again. I’d forgotten just how much I love that show, in all its forms. I realized something as I was watching it again too. I’ve made a connection. I am wondering if my dissatisfaction with “real life” is connected to just how important Star Trek has always been to me. I think that the kinds of lives that everyday people live in the era of the Federation is what I wanted my life to look like. Upon further thought, I think I wanted to even do engineering at one point, due to what I believed a Starfleet engineer was able to accomplish. I think that show really profoundly affected the optics through which I see the world. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing either. It would explain why the jobs and paths I’ve explored felt so hollow though, if that’s what I thought my life could look like. I maybe just need to keep searching for a place that feels like that.
Star Trek’s future shows what we can be at our best, all of us. It shows what living for living sake looks like, and almost everyone in the show displays that. They live to discover and learn, there is no greater way to live than to live a life of discovery, creation, and building relationships. I think that’s beautiful. I want to live in a world where people think like that. I want it so dearly. The best I feel I can do now is continue to create so that I can inspire more to want to follow the paths that can lead us there, together. Maybe that’s enough too. I have accepted that I will not be the one that is building technology to explore space, or the one to fly as an engineer on a spaceship, but I can be the one to give someone else that dream, the same way the creators I look up gave this one to me.